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An Autumn Mill

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An Autumn Mill
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Deep in the mountains of Colorado lies the remains of Crystal, a once active mining town. Near the town of Crystal lies the Crystal Mill, one of the most visited and photographed sites in the state of Colorado. The Mill was actually a compressor house, the falling water of Crystal Falls drove a water turbine attached to a compressor. The compressor was then used to power machinery for the nearby silver mines. The mill was constructed in 1893, and fell into disuse in 1917 when the nearby mine closed.

The mill is only accessible from the nearby town of Marble either using a high clearance vehicle with 4wd or hiking. The 5 mile trip takes about an hour driving, or 90 minutes by foot. A friend and I arrived in Marble very early on a late September morning. We started the hike at 4am and arrived at the mill before sunrise. I captured this photo as the top of Crystal Falls as the Sun started to rise behind the mountains. To be at this mill and experience it early in the morning, long before the armada of tourists arrive, is breathtaking. I definitely plan on visiting this historic Colorado icon again.

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