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Developer. Engineer. Photographer. World Adventurer. Storm Chaser.

Artist Statement

I focus my work on delicately balancing the atmosphere with the earth, and interpreting the emotional quality through my camera lens.

The beauty of nature is beyond all reasonable comprehension. Our planet is a living, breathing ecosystem, forever evolving and never the same twice. Each capture I make will never be duplicated or seen again.

I like to bring these phenomenons to those who cannot or will not ever have the opportunity to witness such events. From hiking hundreds of miles, to driving or flying tens of thousands of miles each year, I’m always in search for that fleeting moment in time. It always pays off — whether it’s discovering waterfalls that have lay hidden for generations or witnessing violent tornadoes tear through the plains.

Through patience and persistence, when the earth and the atmosphere come together, it truly is a sight to behold.


Throughout the day I’m a software developer and project manager for a global data company. The rest of the time I am a photographer, traveler, and a Maple Leafs fanatic.

Growing up I always shunned video games. Instead I spent my youth building things and reading about various places in the world. I attended the University of Alabama, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, before transferring to the University of Oklahoma to finish my engineering degree while minoring in Meteorology.

It was during my time in Alabama that my passion for photography started. As a kid I was fascinated by Chernobyl, and found myself surrounded by various steel mills, mental institutions, and mansions, all relics dating back to the Civil War. I pulled out an old camera and started documenting these places so they, too, could be read about someday, just like I had done when I was young.

While still in Alabama the infamous April 27th came to. That day is known as one of the deadliest and most prolific tornado outbreaks to ever occur in the United States. And seemingly at the epicenter, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The tornado ripped through the heart of the town like a giant buzz-saw, leaving over 60 people dead in its wake. This was the first day I went “'storm chasing”, something I had desired to do for ages.

Fast forward 7 years and that storm chasing curiosity fueled my taste for adventure, attracting me to some unusual events and places. I’ve seen nearly 100 tornadoes (including some of the most violent in this millennium), been involved in a half-dozen different hurricanes and tropical storms, and traveled throughout North America documenting some of the most unique landscapes and forgotten buildings that exist.

Throughout these adventures I have flown and driven hundreds of thousands of miles, finding myself in the middle of some unforgettable events — breaking a bone, getting swept by a flooded creek while hiking, and too many close calls with lightning. In the end, it’s all been worth it. In the coming years even more adventures will come, not just in North America, but throughout the world.

And so, I hope you enjoy visiting my site and reading my collection of works.