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Styles & Finishes

Framed Plaques

Unique. Alluring. 3D-effect.

This style has been designed to move away glass and in doing so reduces the weight, cost, and glare. A pressure-mounted, UV-, and scratch-resistant coating is used to protect the piece from water and UV damage.

The photo is placed on a masonite backing with beveled edges, then the piece is mounted onto a black mat that is recessed in a 'shadow box' black frame. The black mat helps draw out detail in the image, while the photo being raised forwards draws your attention to it before anything else.

Prints are archival up to 100 years and with the UV laminate the lifetime is extended. All materials are acid free. Framed Plaques come ready to be hung.

Print Size 12×18 16×24 20×30 24×36
Mat Size 16×22 20×28 24×34 28×40
Frame Size 17×23 21×29 25×35 29×41

Framed Plaques


Classical. Professional. Sturdy.

A gallery wrapped canvas can provide a budget conscious alternative to framed pictures. Canvases can typically provide a softer image that in general creates a 'painted' feel, while still maintaining its vibrant color.

Each canvas is pre-coated with a semi-matte before printing. The semi-matte helps to enrich the blacks and make for a nice smoother look. To ensure the canvas against temperature and humidity changes, each piece is stretched well and then stapled to its frame. Most canvases are glued to its backing, which over time will produce an uneveness on the surface.

Sides are 1.5" in depth unless requesed to be different, and all canvases come with a wire making them ready for hanging.


Prints & Mats

Customizable. Affordable. Matchable.

If you would like a more affordable alternative to the much sought after Framed Plaques and Canvases, then look no further. These pieces can be bought either with or without the mat and backing.

Each print is printed on Luster or Metallic paper at a local professional photo lab; after which each print is carefully inspected by me for any imperfections resulting from the printing process. Traditionally these photos are mounted on a foamcore backing and a cream mat (white core) is placed over the photo. If you would like a different style or color of mat, please contact me before purchasing.

Note: the actual image size of a 12x18 print matted will be closer to 11x17. Please see the different size options below. Custom sizes and options are available but please be aware there is an upper limit due to the size of the mat boards I receive.

All prints are archival up to 100 years and all mats and backing are acid free.

Print Size 8×12 12×18 16×24 20×30 24×36
Mat Size 12×16 16×22 22×30 24×36 32×40

Matted Prints


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Urban Reflections

Pricing Matrix

Open Edition 8×12 12×18 16×24 20×30 24×36
Print Only $60 $90 $120 $150 $180
Matted Print $85 $135 $175 $225 $275
Canvas $100 $150 $250 $375 $500
Infused Aluminum - $300 $450 $550 $650
Framed Plaque - $425 $525 $650 $800
Limited Edition 8×12 12×18 16×24 20×30 24×36
Print Only $80 $110 $130 $170 $200
Matted Print $105 $155 $195 $245 $295
Canvas $130 $180 $280 $405 $530
Infused Aluminum - $350 $500 $600 $700
Framed Plaque - $475 $575 $700 $850

‐ The pricing matrix represents a Luster finish (except for Framed Plaques and Infused Aluminum, which are available in a metallic finish only).
‐ A metallic finish for Prints and Canvas will on average be an additional 20%.
‐ Pricing includes shipping and handling, in addition to all applicable state and local taxes.


Limited Edition

Certain prints are limited edition and are denoted as such when viewing them in the gallery.
When a print has reached its set number, it will be permanently retired.

Caring for your Piece

Avoid direct sunlight or any sharp light sources. If you are wishing to frame a matted print, I recommend using UV glass.
In addition, avoid hanging the piece near any vents or other heating and cooling sources.
To clean the Infused Aluminum or Framed Plaques, use canned air and a soft cloth. For a stain, use a combination of a damp and dry cloth.
Never use any household cleaning products or paper towels.


Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion of your piece (individual prints and/or matted prints will typically be 2-3 weeks).
Each piece comes signed and numbered, and includes a 'Certificate of Authenticity'.
All orders are final.


All orders will come with insurance and tracking.
All handling fees are already built into the cost when you purchase it, so there are no 'hidden' fees during checkout.
Pieces are packed to avoid damage at all cost, however if it does arrive damaged, please keep the shipping container and let me know immediately.

Delivery and Installation

For large pieces or orders: If I am in your area, I will be more than happy to deliver it to you and assist in the installation.