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Lone Warrior

In February of 2014 I headed to the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma after they received nearly a half foot of snow. Seizing a snow day and no class, I turned in a nice day trip. One of my goals was to photograph the Bison with snow on the ground. Although not much snow can be seen on the ground in this picture, the snowcapped Wichita Mountains can be seen in the background.

This image is entitled "Lone Warrior", a nod to the few remaining American Bison. Once numbered in the millions, only a few thousand are left in the wild today. This one was the alpha male of his herd, and was not keen to me getting close. I probably got a lot closer to them then I should have, but I made it back to my car with this shot. This is the first of my wildlife shots I liked, and has quickly turned into a fast seller.

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