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Stars and Strikes

This day will perhaps go down as one of my favorite storm chases. A slight risk was issued for most of western Kansas, and I had a feeling photogenic supercells were possible. I started the day near Ness City on a HP supercell, which eventually produced a dust storm near Jetmore. At sunset I captured another vibrant supercell which soon went outflow dominant and I ended up being chased by a combination shelf cloud/dust storm/landspouts south into Dodge City. From there I went east into Greensburg, the town that was almost completely wiped off map from an EF-5 tornado in May of 2007. After shooting some lighting in town, I headed north towards a dying supercell. Once I arrived, I was treated to something that I was not expecting. A full moon behind the storm was helping light it up along with the frequent CG lightning. This storm slowly moved amongst the stars, and this helped make it one of my personal favorite shots.

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