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The Road Less Traveled

In 2014, a storm chasing trip led me from the Texas Panhandle to North Dakota, and back to New Mexico, all in a span of a few days. On this early June afternoon, storms erupted on the high plains along the Sangre de Cristo range. I in particular gave my attention to one storm along U.S. 87, near the Capulin Volcano National Monument. This storm ended up producing a fantastic rope tornado just before fizzling out.

After that, myself and few others from New York decided to drop south and get ahead of a developing supercell. This storm eventually evolved into a LP Supercell, dropping softball size hail along its path. Thankfully the storm followed the same direction as the highway, so we were able to stay just ahead of it. The combination of the blue sky, dark storm clouds, and the beautiful New Mexico landscape created a unique composition for this image.

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