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Trouble on Rails

This day, May 25th, 2015, will most likely go down as one of my top 15 storm chase days. Myself a few others from New York started the day in southeast Colorado on a developing storm. This storm quickly turned into an amazingly sculpted HP (high precipitation) supercell. Although this storm was tornado warned for over an hour, no tornado formed, unless it was back in the mess of rain and hail.

As the storm neared the Colorado/Kansas border, it quickly became outflow dominant, producing this exquisite shelf cloud. I spent the next half an hour following it along the highway trying to get the "perfect" shot of it over the railroad tracks. After wrapping up, myself along with the same group dropped to southwest Kansas where we encountered dueling nighttime tornadoes in heavy fog and 50-degree temperatures. Those tornadoes ended moving through a windfarm and skirting just west of Dodge City.

An HP supercell turned amazing shelf, with the addition of the nighttime tornadoes definitely solidifies this as a top day from 2015.

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