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Weatherford Mothership

On the afternoon of April 26th, 2013 a slight risk for thunderstorms covered much of central and western Oklahoma. After picking up my girlfriend as she got off work, we raced west as storms were starting to fire in NW Oklahoma. As we arrived in the town of Thomas, a supercell had become outflow dominant, and from the looks above, it showed some signs of decent structure.

I turned around and headed down Hwy 54 into the town of Weatherford. I was able to get ahead of the shelf cloud and saw it for the first time. It was perhaps one of the most amazing cloud structures I have ever seen. I found an open field in front of a church, a church that I had attended over a decade ago when I lived in Weatherford. Knowing the local geography allowed me to find a good spot to photograph this shelf cloud as it raced south. This day ranks first in 2013 for me, for best storm structure day, as this was not the only one I saw that day.

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